Considering the ideogram structure of the language used in the Parallel Knowledge, it is sometimes hard to determine some more general notions. So, for example, there has been for a long time a mistaken notion about the number of universes. From the available texts we could conclude that there are so‐called basic universes and that there is 12, or 100 or 144 of them. However, the additional analysis has determined that there is an endless ocean of flowers (a flower is a symbol for the universe) and the criterion for their division is given in the Teaching of Sparks. According to the mentioned teaching everything that exists is reduced to three spaces: Nothing, Chasm and Something.

Nothing is a space in which there is a Being in the form in which we recognize him (a man, for example). The highest achievement of the space Nothing is a Spirit, or the complete self‐knowledge (it is in the spiritual literature often called with one word: enlightened). All our actions, all knowledge, observations, possibilities are determined by the boundaries of Nothing. The term Nothing is used because it is considered that in the colloquial language there are no possibilities for the complete expression of that space. However, if we have in mind that the word Nothing is in the specific language of the Parallel Knowledge marked with one letter and that it is the letter M then we are in the position to talk about the infinity, about the highest principle, about the god. Said in other words, the highest achievement of a being is the god. That is, everyone who completely discovers himself is the deity.

The spaces of Chasm and Something can be found under the special code called FAMAM which means that the Being (in this case a man) is not able to speak or write about that in public. The followers of some teachings within the Parallel Knowledge have the possibility to go (with the special mental technique or ritual) to spaces of Chasm and Something, but they are not able to talk about that. There is only one report about the space of Something and the passing through the space of chasm. That report is of more recent date and it was published in the book in 1984. The report is trustworthy, considering the fact that it originates from the follower of the Teaching of Sparks. According to that report, it seems that the human being is able without bigger problems, with the special mental technique, to pass through one space (we intentionally use the term space because the report refers to the physical space) to the other very quickly, no matter the distance of the space in which the travel begins and the space to which one goes; the time of the journey does not depend upon the distance of the two spaces but upon the mental readiness of the traveler going to that journey. Considering the fact that the perception of these data has completely subjective nature, we have decided to put some of the mentioned terms under quotation, and it is left to the visitor of this site to decide whether he will accept the travel as objective, or, even, as the product of the traveler's suggestion.