The Shiny Spirits represent the field within the Book of Movement that is the least explained and certainly the most miraculous field of this teaching that can be published in public. First of all, the name Shiny Spirits is what is amazing, because according to the Book of Movement and after all according to any teaching within the Parallel Knowledge, the word spirit is a synonym for the word shiny. Our experience in investigation of the Book of Movement is lasting several decades and we can completely for sure claim that there are no rational or, even, spiritual interpretations of Shiny Spirits that could find their base within the Parallel Knowledge. By that, we do not exclude the possibility that this field will in time be better explored and explained within the system.

What we can describe, when we talk about the Shiny Spirits, is the special spiritual action performed by the Warriors of the Shiny and by which some kind of completely specific personal phenomena (spirits, higher beings) are brought into the completely special crystals. What confuses us is the question: why do the higher personal phenomena accept to stay permanently in a piece of some crystal? We have no rational, or spiritual answer to that question. The only acceptable interpretation from the spiritual viewpoint is the interpretation of beings and personal phenomena that we find within the Teaching of the Fire, but by that we have in mind the fact that those two teachings are completely separated and that their paths officially cross only in the second half of the 20th century.

According to our conviction, it seems that the Shiny Spirits descent from the original knowledge, original way, to which long ago (very probably) belonged all ways of the Parallel Knowledge, which have in time diverged and among them there are nowadays very significant differences. But, as we have already mentioned, this field should just become the object of more serious research. What has been studied and investigated about the Shiny Spirits has been exclusively done from the inside, from the point of view of the Parallel Knowledge. So, people who have studied it have been occupied exclusively with the effectiveness of Shiny Spirits, but not with their theoretical foundation. In that sense, we have a whole range of reports in which the precious effect of these spirits has been confirmed. In what degree do those reports confirm the real effect of the Shiny Spirits, or are the correlations between the favorable events and the owning of those crystals the product of chance we will leave to visitors of the site to judge for themselves.

What additionally directs us to the definitely personal understanding of spiritually refined crystals is certainly the fact that the Warriors of the Shiny sacrifice from time to time a flower as a gift (present, offering) to such crystal. It is simply the fact that the gift cannot be offered to something that has no personal character.

Here we present those Shiny Spirits which you can have with you...