We have already said something about meditation, and about its classification into meditation on sounds, on a picture of the Teacher and on texts. They are not referred to in this way within the Teachings of the Fire, but are called "looking inside oneself". The Teachings of the Fire also mention the myth of Narcissus. That myth, if you will recall, concerns a young man who is so handsome that when he sees his image reflected in the water, falls in love with himself to the point where he takes his own life because his love cannot be reciprocated. This is the usual interpretation of the myth. We who follow the Teachings of the Fire interpret it a bit differently. For example, the fact that Narcissus walked about in the forest for a long time in search of absolutely pure water should not be underestimated.

When he looked into that water, he saw an image that originated from water that was completely pure, and which led him to his true inner being. And so he continued to look at it. 

Further description of this myth reveals a symbolic representation of enlightenment. It is said in the myth that Narcisus took his own life and that where his blood fell, there sprouted yellow flowers with the red seal of truth (such is the appearance of the narcissus flower). Narcissus as a being is extinguished, but the flower narcissus is born and spreads throughout the entire world. This is the symbolic representation of enlightenment mentioned above. During enlightenment, the being itself disappears, but the Spirit, the personality, are born. That which is limited is extinguished, and that which limitless is born.

This is the essence of the myth of Narcissus. 

This is also the essence of meditation. During meditation, we illuminate our Qualities to the point that our being is lost (our being represents the level of enlightenment of our Qualities). The being is transformed into Spirit, just as morning is transformed into day. In order for being to be transformed into Spirit, we must have absolutely pure intentions and absolutely pure motives. This is why Narcissus had to find an absolutely pure spring. Following the Teachings of the Fire, we also make use of certain things which we consider absolutely pure. These are the names of our Qualities, the mantras. They are absolutely pure. There are also a few more mantras which we use outside of this system. And we also use a picture of the Teacher while he is in contact with the Force of Fire, for such a picture does not depict him. At such times, his body is merely a temple through which the Force of Fire is expressed, and is thus absolutely pure. Because of this, those absolutely pure things can help us to copy they purity in ourselves, to awaken our Light and illuminate ourselves.

People generally ask me: if the Dance of Fire awakens all the Qualities in us, then why meditation? Because the meditation in the Teachings of the Fire are fundamentally different from the meditation of the East. All meditation of sounds is directed at one Quality. When you do the Dance of Fire, you always do the entire cycle of exercises and thus awaken you entire Spirit. But when you do meditation, you work on only one Spiritual Quality, awakening only that Quality and its potential. For example, when a person has business problems, he cannot resolve them completely through meditation, because meditation done only for this reason is not, it seems to me, justified spiritually. But if he meditates on the mantra OA‐MAO, he will make himself healthier, and at the same time render all his endeavors more successful, including his business affairs. The Dance of Fire does not do such things because it is always directed towards the central Spirit, while meditation is always directed towards partial goals.