The followers of the teaching of Sparks are divided in two groups. The first group consists of those who have mastered the basic skills of the stay in the space of Chasm and Something. That kind of followers is called the Light Guard or the light guardsmen. The second group represent those who are still trained in those skills. The members of the second group can stay in the space of Something, but not in the space of Chasm. That kind of followers is also called the Keepers of Sparks.

The Light Guardsman does not answer for his work to any kind of organization or individual, he is completely independent in making all decisions and undertaking all actions. In his independency, the Light Guardsman resembles a samurai, but with that difference that he directs his activities exclusively in the spiritual direction. Risks of mental, spiritual and physical nature to which in his work the Guardsman is exposed to are unbelievably big, that is why his intensive training lasts for years, and sometimes for several decades. Descriptions of the direct battle of a Guardsman with the beings of the darkness are so impressive, and frightening that for it a great personal courage is really needed. In view of the fact that we have been witnesses of such battles, we admit that it exceeds scopes of our imagination, and especially scopes of our rational being.