As we have already mentioned it, within all known ways of the Parallel Knowledge, all original texts were written in Latin letters. However, no matter the fact that the usual Latin letters are abstract, they are in the cases connected to these ways used exclusively as: ideogram. As we know it, there is no clearly organized and accepted ideogram system of Latin letters. What is more, the abstract quality of Latin letters has been from the ancient times accepted as their universality and their best feature.

But, within the Parallel Knowledge the Latin letters are till the end ideogram, with a very clear system, regularities; within these letters every letter is a sign and is a denotation, it is a completely concrete meaning and at the same time it is what it denotes. For example, the letter M, no matter the combination in which it can be found, always denotes the supreme principle, that what is divine, what is Knowledge.

Thanks to that, every letter has its place, its relations with other letters, and the grouping of letters (colloquially speaking in words) is performed with respect to the strictly defined rules. Thanks to that, one spiritual writing in that special language will be equally understood in all movements for which we claim to be within the Parallel Knowledge, no matter the fact that it is impossible to prove any kind of communication among these movements. But, it is not the end of universality of letters from the Parallel Knowledge. Namely, every text correctly written in that language is a person, actually a supreme person that has a divine meaning. In that sense, the letters have, for the followers of these ways, a power to affect us, our surrounding, our fate and so on.