When we wished to explore the history and origins of the Teachings of Fire in greater depth, we encountered a number of obstacles. The first was the small number of written records, and the second lays in the words of the Force of Fire itself, which says: "I am not of the past. I am not of the future. I do not belong to any place or time. I do not belong to any people. I am a higher state of consciousness, which is attained only by steady progress along the true path". According to the Force of Fire, these Teachings are as old as man. Our goal is not to explore the history of the Teachings. Instead, we should concern ourselves with the goals and principles of the Teachings of the Fire.

These are self‐development, protection and healing. Everything which is done according to the Teachings of the Fire is reflected in the unity of these three principles. If even one of these principles is not represented, then we are no longer talking about the Teachings of the Fire. The first principle is self development. 

This is also a demand that everything we do is done in such a way that it leads us to ourselves, and in doing so opens us up to the world around us. He who explores himself explores the world at the same time. You have no doubt heard of the inscription on the Temple of Delphi, which says: "Know yourself and you will know the whole world". This is an inscription from the Teachings of the Fire. In the language of the Fire, it reads: I VOM VAM. In our internal translation, it can be expressed as: "Knowest thou who thou are, and who am I?". This is the question which a follower of the Fire asks of the entire universe. Here is why... According to our Teachings, there is no difference between the entire universe and a single person. Each one of us is that whole universe. When you ask this question of ‐ the universe, you ask it of yourself as well. Where the principle of protection is concerned, our Teachings retain an older terminology. That is, the term " demonic attack" is used. 

However, the Teachings of the Fire are not concerned with demonology. This means that we do not seek to determine whether the demons referred to be actual beings, or whether they represent stress, a particular kind of emotion, or something else. We only establish that such a state of mind, oppressing the individual; then we apply protective measures to free the person from the attack. The third, and final, principle is that of healing. It requires that everything we do is done in a way that is maximally healthy both for ourselves and our surroundings. If someone is ill, we are obliged to apply the methods of healing specified in the Teachings of the Fire.

Within each of the three principles, there is a set of techniques which we apply . The principle of self‐development includes the Dance of Fire and meditation techniques. The Dance of Fire is the most basic technique of the Teachings of the Fire and will be discussed later.

As for meditation, the Teachings of the Fire specify three types: meditation on sounds, meditation on images and meditation on texts. Each of these three types of meditation has its own goals and methods. Of the various kinds of meditation on sounds, the main category involves meditation on the names of the Spiritual Qualities. According to the Teachings of the Fire, there are twelve Spiritual Qualities: Eros, Joy, Emotion, Love, Balance, Justice, Progress, Resourcefulness, Stability, Formativeness, Mobility and Interdependence. In addition to these official terms, each Quality has both a symbolic designation and a name expressed in the language of Fire. Thus Eros is called the Dolphin, Joy is called the Bird, Emotion is called the Phoenix, Love is called Man, Balance is called Invisibility, Justice is called the Judge, Progress is called the Arrow, Resourcefulness is called Mercury, Stability is called the Mountain, Formativeness is called the Lake, Mobility is called the Wind, and Interdependence is called the Staff. Finally, I will tell you the names as they are written in the language of Fire. The first Quality is called DOOZOD (pronounced DO‐JODE). The second is called ROLOR. The third is called XOROX (X is pronounced as H, ie. HOROH, where the final H is pronounced like the 'ch' in the German 'ich'). The fourth is called DOIOD (pronounced JOY‐OGE). The name of the fifth is XIAIX (pronounced HE‐A‐EEH, where the final H is again pronounced like the , ch' in the German 'ich'). The sixth is MOXOM (MO HOME), the seventh OAMAO (O‐A‐MA‐O), the eighth XOAOX (HO‐ A‐OH, with the final H pronounced like the , ch' in the German 'ich'), the ninth AIMIA (A‐EE‐MEE‐A), the tenth DIMID, the eleventh OAOAO (O‐A‐O‐A‐O), and the twelfth AEMEA (A‐AY MAY‐A). These are also the mantras on which we meditate. These mantras awaken the Qualities to which they belong; what exactly that awakening means will be seen when we discuss these Qualities in the context of the Dance of Fire. For this reason we will proceed immediately to our main concern ‐ the Dance of Fire. According to the Teachings of the Fire, life consists of three elements: thinking, breathing and moving. The Dance of Fire unites all three of these elements. Its techniques involve strict control of thought, via the repetition of the mantra. In this context, the mantra does not have the auditory, vibrational quality which it has, for example, in meditation. Here the mantra refers primarily to an idea.

The Dance of Fire also involves a strictly controlled rhythm of breathing, as well as strictly controlled movements. When all three of these elements are synchronized and their structure is perfected, something wondrous begins to happen. Now, what exactly happens? At this point, the Great Law of Infinity is activated, which states: "When the Infinite is attained, it is doubled". What does that mean? At the moment you attain complete synchronization of all three elements of life within you, you are touching the Infinite. This touching of the Infinite doubles it, and it acts upon you with twice as much force. But not only upon you. At the same moment, it also acts on all the people in the world, reducing aggression and leading them to their inner nature. It is possible to demonstrate this in practical terms. If a sizeable group in some city employs Dance of Fire techniques daily, all aggression in the area will drop considerably. This is an example of how the external world is affected. However, I think you are more interested right now in what happens inside you. By performing each of these exercises, you illuminate the Spiritual Quality associated with it. This means you discover a deeper part of yourself, purifying it, illuminating it and awakening its potential. At this point, we find ourselves on very dangerous ground ‐ this is the realm of various powers. This is why it is dangerous. Anyone who wishes to be initiated into the Dance of Fire only to acquire special powers should reconsider that idea and perhaps give up upon the same. According to the Teachings of the Fire, this would constitute a forced entry into wisdom, and forced entry into wisdom invariably results in madness. However, if the Dance of Fire represents a way to get inside yourself, if it means a path to self‐knowledge, and a love for everything that is, then you should perform the Dance of Fire. But if you wish to do the Dance of Fire only to become invisible, perform levitation, or the like, then it would be better for you not to follow this path. You could, I think, attain these powers, but the results would be very negative. For this reason, I will acquaint you more closely with each group of powers belonging to the Teachings of the Fire. Once awakened, the potential of every Spiritual Quality is liberated.