The term Army of the Light is very often mentioned within different teachings of the Parallel Knowledge and it usually denotes all teachers, students and followers of some teaching. However, subsequently it was discovered that there is a teaching within the Parallel Knowledge whose original name is ao m oamao. The structure of that sentence is such that it without any doubt points to the existence of an organized teaching, spiritual order or knowledge.

That order, if it ever used to exist, certainly does not exist for centuries. However, from the existing literature it can clearly be seen what is its basic mission, although it cannot be seen in which way could that kind of order function.

The basic mission of the teaching of the Army of the Light is to prevent or stop, with non‐violent‐ spiritual methods, the war, illnesses or the absence of progress. Or, said in other words, the goals of the Army of the Light are: peace, health and the progress of human species. These ideals are firstly achieved in a person, but by practicing meditations the goal is achieved in the surrounding and further. The meditation is very simple and everyone can practice it, without any serious consequences, so we give its description here.

You start the meditation in a way that you sit very comfortable on the chair. Your head has to be free and not leaned on the chair or the wall. Then you close your eyes and more and more subtle (softer) repeat in yourself the following word: oamao. Phonetically that word sounds like: o as O‐klahoma, a as A‐merica, M as m‐other. Meditation is performed from one to five times a day in duration from ten to thirty minutes. It is ideal if you can practise it two times a day (in the morning and in the afternoon) for fifteen minutes.

It is not recommended to think during the meditation about the meaning of the word you are pronouncing in yourself, nor about the effects that you achieve by it. You only need to perform meditation with discipline. Anyway, we will give you here also the meaning of the word that is pronounced during the meditation, in order to avoid different guesses and constructions that are possible to arise in potential practitioners. Within the word oamao letters have the following meaning:

  • O denotes powerful activity, mobility, progressiveness, progress, health, successfulness, job, and carrier;
  • A denotes durability, continuity, eternity, universality, all‐coverage, omnipresence, connection of general and individual;
  • M denotes knowledge, divinity, book, spirituality, the highest principle, and the god in which you believe, your spirit, the Holy Spirit;

Expressed in other words, oamao denotes: permanent higher activity in you, through you, around you, on everything that exists, in order to move faster in the right direction. The goal of meditation is to stop negative movements and to re‐direct them in the positive direction. If you suffer from any kind of mental disease, we advise you not to practise this meditation without the advice of your psychiatrist.