"I've been battling with appearing and disappearing cysts (mastopathy) and nothing ever worked in my case. Healing with Lake tea was the long lasting solution. Apart from healing my problems drinking Eagle and later Lake and Hyacinth tea made me more relaxed and confident in my life." J.M. (34), Birmingham - UK

"Working with a Teacher of the Fire as a personal councillor while having a difficult time following the deaths of my parents and struggling with anxiety and depression let me release my feelings and avoid depression and nervousness. Drinking variety of herbal extracts he recommended gave me more confidence and energy in my every day life." M.C. (43), London - UK

"Teacher's knowledge, enthusiasm, and genuine care made counselling a powerful experience for me." K.P. (29), Leamington Spa - UK

"For my teacher I have nothing but praise. He helped me in many situations unconditionally, especially when I was not happy with myself, when I was in a hopeless situation, directed me to the right path with advice and by drinking teas he prepared for me. For all this I am endlessly thankful!" Jovana V. (23), Podgorica - Montenegro

"Years of experience and work with the teacher I would describe as a beautiful experience that has brought me a lot of positive energy, inspiration, motivation, fulfillment of my life's desire ... Only with drinking teas, I started to see things from a different angle, and most importantly I found my inner peace." Sandra V. (22), Podgorica - Montenegreo

"Noki's teacher tips have helped me the most on the day my mother had a heart attack. He gave instructions on what the medical staff should concentrate to, and saved her life. She had a 100% blockage in one of the aortas. He diagnostically declared a critical condition, the first night, after a stent built-in. He also knew about the third stent although I wasn't informed about it. Since I started wearing the crystals, I noticed a change in people's behavior and they became direct. They stopped hiding their honest opinion." Nina S. (27), Podgorica - Montenegro

"I feel very fortunate to meet the Teacher of the Fire at the time when my life was at the start of a big change. I felt a bit shaky at the time and Svetislav (his name tells a lot about him) came along. His presence,descreet yet powerful,his positive and caring personality,his Lake tea and Shiny spirit stone that I always carry with me,did the great job! Life looks and feels rosy now and I have the strenght to deal with changes. I am looking forward to every next meeting with him!" S.N. (49), London - United Kingdom


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