Followers of the order of the Book of Movement perform all spiritual actions in pairs, two by two. In that way, they are taught in two functional groups. One group is taught in which way the spiritual processes should be rationally controlled and directed, that group is conditionally called the Group of Teachers or the Teachers of the Light. The other group is taught how to precisely perform some spiritual action in paranormal conditions, that group is conditionally called the Warriors or the Warriors of the Light.

All spiritual actions are performed together by the Teacher and the Warrior, in such way that the Teacher keeps all the time the rational attitude and the control of conditions under which the action is performed, and the Warrior is during the entire action in a changed state of consciousness. In that way the rational and spiritual, earthly and divine are united. What certainly fascinates in the Book of Movement is the subordination of the teacher to the student‐warrior.

Namely, a warrior is the one who can rise to divine heights, who can from above perform an intervention to the lower world. The teacher is only here to help the warrior to orient himself better while his consciousness (subjectively or objectively, all the same) is in the sphere of other worlds or even completely another universe.