According to all known teachings within the Parallel Knowledge, the whole universe is determined with a term: Nothing. What is more, the term Spirit, Light and other highest terms are determined with that word. It is true that within every teaching there is a realization that outside of Nothing there exists some category, but they do not know anything about it except that the knowledge about it is within the Teaching of Sparks.

Said in other words, what is found behind the deity, behind any kind of power of comprehending man, god, exalted beings, is the object of studying within the Order of Sparks. Further from that, followers of that teaching have the possibility to visit and have the direct experience of the space that is found outside of Nothing.

Outside of the space of Nothing, Sparks recognize two more basic spaces: Chasm and Something. In those two spaces rule completely different regularities, completely different dimensions, so you can find within them exclusively the follower of the highest status, who is within the Parallel Knowledge called: the Light Guardsman. Considering the reports we have read about the stay in the space of Something and Chasm, we are not surprised at such knowledge of these followers. Those reports far exceed the events described in the most imaginative literature of science and occult fiction. Our experiences confirm those writings. However, to what extent our sensation of that space was subjective we are not able to determine in this moment.