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The Ring of the Heart (mainly JASPER)

If you carry it with you, this Shiny Spirit protects your health, especially the heart, blood vessels and the brain. However if you keep it in your home, it protects the health of the members in your household.

The Stone of Peace (mainly: HEMATITE or MAGNETITE)

This Shiny Spirit balances the relationship between the physical and mental state of human, by creating a gentile shield around him, especially relieving of diseases, mainly diseases of the blood, presence of microorganisms and such. In some ways, this Shiny Spirit carries out the detoxification of a person.

The Stone of Survival (mainly EYE OF A TIGER)

This Shiny Spirit opens a multitude of possibilities for a man's existence in the material world. In other words, this Shiny Spirit gives you the best opportunity that you can get at a given time for a job, money, a trade, a profit.

The Stone of Movement (mainly TURQOISE)

This Shiny Spirit opens up many possibilities in a man; it moves him out of lethargy, depression, inactivity and makes him mobile and resourceful. This Shiny Spirit is also suitable for people who have problems with their legs, closed people (introverted) but also for those who have less success (for them to have more success) in jobs and travel.

The Angelic Stone (mainly AMETHYST)

This is one of the most versatile Shiny Spirits. It creates an easier communication for a man, creates new contacts, and guards the family and family love. However, this Shiny Spirit also opens up new possibilities when it comes to love and Eros. It is especially recommended for people with poorer communication, people who want love and Eros as well as for people suffering from impotence (in men) or people who have trouble conceiving and carrying out the pregnancy (in women).

The Stone of Progress (mainly ONYX)

This Shiny Spirit acts in the areas of human spirituality constantly balancing and adapting a person for further progress at the same time adapting it to the environment in which this person lives and works in. This Shiny Spirit also creates a powerful spiritual shield around the person, so that everything that comes in the contact with the person (the holder of this Shiny Spirit) is balanced and improved. In other words, this Shiny Spirit creates a better human being, but also creates a better society and space for such a being.

The Stone of the Steady Step (mainly MALACHITE)

It is a Shiny Spirit that brings a lasting success in your career and business. He does not bring instant success, but gradual, steady and stable.

The Keeper of the Home (mainly ROCK CRYSTAL)

This Shiny Spirit, kept at home (house, apartment) is a powerful protector of the home. When carried (with the individual - person) then this Shiny Spirit powerfully protects the holder of the stone.

The Stone of the Centre of Life (mainly AMAZONITE)

This brilliant spirit, who also resides in the center of our planet, can reside in our being, encouraging spiritual growth and inner purity of a human.

The Stone of the Bird/Bird Stone (mainly CITRINE)

This, a bit extravagant spirit, brings a lot of success in popular activities (fashion, acting, music, etc.).

The Stone of the Wind/ Wind Stone (mainly PINK AGATE)

This wonderful spirit protects you from the inconveniences while traveling, decreases and revokes jealousy and finally gives additional energy to the one who wears it.

The Stone of the Sun/Sun Stone (only natural SUNSTONE)

This amazing spirit brings positive changes and faithfully preserves what was achieved with effort. Also, this spirit gives new positive ideas on how to pursue life better.

Judge's Stone (mainly AVENTURINE)

This remarkable spirit cleanses your blood, strengthens the immune system, strengthens heart and lungs and fights against cancer and such diseases. Also, this stone can be of great assistance in legal and judicial affairs.

The Stone of the Stick (mainly LAPIS LAZULI)

This fantastic spirit protects against deviation and illusion. It balances your intellectual and creative consciousness, and guarantees success. Also, this stone is very sensitive to dark and dangerous places (“demons” and such) and keeps, the person who carries it, away from such places or persons.


You should not give others the sacred objects to hold, if they are intended for you. If you bought it for someone from your family, relatives or friends, then make sure they know not to give them to others to hold.

If the object is punctured and you want to carry it in your bracelet, necklace, brooch, or such, then you can bring them to the jewelers for them to incorporate it into your jewelry, but after, again do not give it into the hands of others. If you own an object of the Book of the Movement, which was intended for you, and you want to give it to someone, then ask from the person who gave it to you to contact his supplier, for it to be forwarded to the Warrior of Light, and finally when you receive his approval (by rule, an approval is obtained) you can give your item to someone else. Otherwise, you are giving it without authorization, and that may inflict more harm than good.

Finally, you should NEVER carry the Sacred Objects of the Book of the Movement in leather bags, on leather strings and such, because it is the skin of a slaughtered animal.

If you wish to order Shiny Spirits for you, please clicl HERE and contact nearest Teacher of the Fire.