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Collection 1 - Harmonic series

Fully harmonize a man in relation to his affairs, environment, health, safety, family, love, wakes up the creative potential, brings new solutions and new benefits to a man’s life. Here every Shiny Spirit acts according to his nature, but participating at the same time in the creation of universal harmony.

Collection 2 – A complete protection of health

This collection stabilizes and preserves a man’s physical and mental health. If kept in the house, it preserves the health of all household members.

Collection 3 - Powerful motivator for new activities

This collection of Shiny Spirits acts as a powerful anti-depressant, provides excellent motivation, induces more activity, and provides more joy, encourages more smiles and satisfaction. This collection will especially help those who feel braked (or stuck) in the circumstances of life and who eventually began to lose motivation for making changes in life. It is also suitable for those who want acceptance in society, who want to be more confident with less gloomy and sad thoughts.

Collection 4 - Powerful spiritual development

This Shiny Spirit opens up many possibilities in a man; it moves him out of lethargy, depression, inactivity and makes him mobile and resourceful. This Shiny Spirit is also suitable for people who have problems with their legs, closed people (introverted) but also for those who have less success (for them to have more success) in jobs and travel.

Collection 5 - For a steady and progressive business success

Here is the collection that will encourage and enable a stronger and faster spiritual growth and progress through spiritual knowledge.

Collection 6 - Complete spiritual protection

Here is the collection that protects you, keeps you from spiritually dark places, balancing your mind so that you're always going down a spiritually safe road.


You should not give others the sacred objects to hold, if they are intended for you. If you bought it for someone from your family, relatives or friends, then make sure they know not to give them to others to hold.

If the object is punctured and you want to carry it in your bracelet, necklace, brooch, or such, then you can bring them to the jewelers for them to incorporate it into your jewelry, but after, again do not give it into the hands of others. If you own an object of the Book of the Movement, which was intended for you, and you want to give it to someone, then ask from the person who gave it to you to contact his supplier, for it to be forwarded to the Warrior of Light, and finally when you receive his approval (by rule, an approval is obtained) you can give your item to someone else. Otherwise, you are giving it without authorization, and that may inflict more harm than good.

Finally, you should NEVER carry the Sacred Objects of the Book of the Movement in leather bags, on leather strings and such, because it is the skin of a slaughtered animal.

If you wish to order Shiny Spirits for you, please clicl HERE and contact nearest Teacher of the Fire.