Sacred Object of the Book of MovementWithin the Order of the Book of the Movement, its active members (The Warriors of Light) make two types of sacred objects. The first type of these objects can be translated as: The Sacred Object of the Book of the Movement. The other one is usually translated as Shiny Spirits. In this reading, we will briefly introduce you to both of these types of objects, their purpose and we will give you an opportunity to own them for yourself, enable you to be in a position to reach them, for the first time.

These items are formed during a whole set of rituals and spiritual activities that provide their proper effect. During the making of them, Warriors of Light are under a special spiritual regimen (meditation and other spiritual activities), they disclaim meat, Eros and are preparing 8 to 12 hours a day, to be able to create such an object. Objects are usually made of precious metals (gold and silver), but sometimes they can be made in zinc or some other metal.

For your understanding of the effects of these items, two phases are crucial (out of the whole range of stages in the development of these items). The first stage is called: Celestial Gate. This is the stage where the Warriors of Light open a path inside the object itself and the sublime levels (Angels, Deity, etc.). The second phase is called: The Way to Heaven. At this stage, the Warriors of Light create a "door" on the object, on the place where there is a path to sublime levels and the object itself. These doors open only when it is needed, according to the principles of the Book of the Movement. In other words, the door is opened when it is necessary for a sublime level to perform an act for which the holy object is intended. There are a lot of these objects, but only a few of them can be in the service of people who are not Warriors of Light, so we'll process them briefly:

*Protection against an attack (the other official name is: The Weapon of Warrior of the Light) is an object that opens the door when a spiritual attacker appears in front of a person who carries it. In this case, there is a contact between the attacker and the sublime level and the attacker gets neutralized. What is important is that the holder of such an object does not see this encounter of the dark being with the sublime level, but normally carries out its activities.

Against all types of mistakes and for business success: The object opens the door between sublime levels and your consciousness, at the right time and gives you awareness that some of the decisions you are making, are wrong. Likewise, the subject by opening this door, allows you to easily and with less effort achieve desired business success.

For healing: The object opens the door between the one who is the holder of the object and sublime levels, which are in charge of the state of your health and contribute to easier and faster healing.

Against obsession and madness: The object opens the door between your consciousness and sublime levels when there is a danger that you "obsess " or, perhaps, when you are threatened by a type of madness, and neutralizes such a situation.

Against weak nerves (nervousness and such), depression and other spiritual disorders: The object opens the door between sublime levels and your composure, strengthening your composure at all times. In this way, you make decisions and do the proper actions healthier and with a clean conscience.

Against fears, drug addiction, alcoholism and stray souls: The object opens the door between sublime levels and your consciousness, helping you to resist vices such as drug addiction and alcoholism. Also, the subject gradually diminishes your fears, but as it does that, it creates the awareness that you do not "wander " in life to the field of pure fiction and unreality.

For inspiration, for creativity, for creative energy: The object opens the door between your total being and sublime levels that help you get your creative potential easily open towards you and make it easier for you to enter your field of creative making.


You should not give others the sacred objects to hold, if they are intended for you. If you bought it for someone from your family, relatives or friends, then make sure they know not to give them to others to hold.

If the object is punctured and you want to carry it in your bracelet, necklace, brooch, or such, then you can bring them to the jewelers for them to incorporate it into your jewelry, but after, again do not give it into the hands of others. If you own an object of the Book of the Movement, which was intended for you, and you want to give it to someone, then ask from the person who gave it to you to contact his supplier, for it to be forwarded to the Warrior of Light, and finally when you receive his approval (by rule, an approval is obtained) you can give your item to someone else. Otherwise, you are giving it without authorization, and that may inflict more harm than good.

Finally, you should NEVER carry the Sacred Objects of the Book of the Movement in leather bags, on leather strings and such, because it is the skin of a slaughtered animal.