As it is taught by the Book of Movement, the Warriors of the Light have the power to perform, from the state of higher consciousness,  an intervention on special objects in the way that those objects later have a power of permanent influence on the material‐lower world. These objects are usually made in the form of medallion, actually metal plates, which you can carry with you as decoration. What is the most important, according to the Book of Movement, there are secret doors on those objects that can be opened in case of need and the connection between the one who carries those objects and the higher worlds can be established; that intervention of the higher worlds within the one who carries that object often refers to the spiritual and physical protection, or, even, to the realization of some specific wishes. That contact is never morbid and the carriers of those objects are always later aware of that intervention.

We have several reports, that we can document, in which the carriers of the sacred object claim that their life has been saved. We have checked some of the reports and we are very fascinated by that what we have received as answers. Namely, people who claim that the sacred objects have saved their lives are usually not superstitious, do not believe in higher worlds, they are not followers of any of orders within the Parallel Knowledge, and some of them are convinced atheists. Regardless of that, they are completely convinced that their life was saved exclusively with the help of the sacred objects.

We will give here only one of many examples. The event happened in May of 1978. We will quote fragments of the testimony: "I wanted to visit my brother who lives in a town that is far away from here. I bought a ticket for train few days earlier. When I got up on a train and in my compartment I was falling deeper and deeper into a state similar to hypnosis. I felt extremely unpleasant, I started to speak loudly I don't belong here! People were looking at me with astonishment. I felt embarrassed about that, I needed air and at the same time I was ashamed of my reactions. Something was telling me that medallion was causing those reactions in me. Finally I couldn't bear it, I got off the train. The members of my household told me that it was stupid to carry that object with me and that I should take it off. That evening I was watching news on television. The train I should have traveled in collided with another train.The railroad car I was supposed to be in completely burned down and nobody from the passengers survived".

The described event is authentic. However, how big is the real link between the sacred object and the saving of life to the man who was carrying it with himself, we leave to you to conclude on your own.