Having in mind the nature of the teaching of the Army of the Light, all goals that a man wants to accomplish must be reached with non‐violent means. That principle of non‐ violence refers to itself and to other people, collectives, but also to the surrounding (nature). In that sense, the Army of the Light is certainly a spiritual forerunner of ecological movements in the world. Every violence towards the others is at the same time also violence towards the person himself, and in that sense also violence towards the nature is considered to be self‐destructive.

Non‐violence means the highest grade of tolerance in all forms (sexual, racial, religious, national, and political) including even the tolerance towards the non‐violent sexual orientation. Any intolerance leads to violence, and tolerating violence in oneself, over oneself or over the others leads to illness and conflicts. For that reason intolerance is unacceptable for those who go in the way of the Army of the Light.