Meditations are within the Book of Movement called: looking into yourself. There are a lot of reasons for this name, because those are not meditations in classical sense of the word. Some of the meditations that we will show you here we recommend to you as everyday activity, and for one, that will also be presented, we recommend a slight caution (in further text we will explain it to you). For that reason, first we will show you a meditation that improves your spiritual protection, the general health condition, and it can be a model how to practice the other meditations.

If you want the meditation to be successful the most important is preparation! For that reason you always perform the meditation before the meal (on an empty stomach). It is necessary that you sit very comfortably, but your head must not be leaned on the seat. Close your eyes and become aware of your physical position. If you feel any discomfort in your position you should improve it until you feel the complete comfort. After that you should pay attention to your breathing; do not make it faster or slower, just be conscious about it (you must breathe through your nose!). When you are completely calm, start to count backwards from 30 to 1 (30, 29, 28, 3, 2, 1). While counting you should have an impression of diving into yourself, easily, without any effort, as a diver dives into the water. When you come to number one, then you should repeat in yourself (very gently and more and more gently) in your native language (the language in which you think) the word: blue rose, blue rose, blue rose. In one moment you will see in front of you a picture of blue rose that will change. Let the picture change. During the meditation do not think about the meanings of pictures that appear to you. If you feel any fatigue, the complete cessation of pictures or anything similar, start to count from one to 30. While you are counting you should go back to your initial position. Only when you say 30, start to open your eyes slowly looking in the ground. That completes the meditation.

You should perform the meditation on the blue rose in situations when you feel the need for spiritual protection or better health condition and we recommend it warmly to you. When you need to know or learn something, instead of the blue rose you will use the green rose. When you need more creativity or, even, creative solution of some circumstances in your life, you should use the white rose. We recommend to you all those meditations.

When you want to experience something spiritual, something supernatural, and something that will bring to you a very powerful experience from the other side, then you should in meditation repeat the word HARIM and the picture that will appear in front of you will start with the picture of a yellow water lily. If you become enough disciplined in the everyday practice of this meditation, you can expect very powerful paranormal events (it does not have to occur during the meditation, but it can occur during your everyday activities). This meditation is never recommended to persons who take alcohol, narcotics, persons who are receiving treatment for any kind of mental disorder, or, even, fearful people.

The success of meditations we have described, according to our experiences, does not depend upon the fact how much you believe that something will happen, or change to better. The success depends exclusively upon the regularity and discipline in performing the meditations; if you do it correctly and regularly chances for the success are much higher.