According to the Army of the Light, war is the greatest evil that can seize some collective, of course it also relates to every individual of that collective (other two biggest evils are: illness and the lack of progress). For that reason when some collective is taken over by war, the most primary goal becomes reaching peace; peace gives chances for progress, but war never gives such chances. So, precondition of every progress and health is: peace. Even those who consider themselves to be healthy, according to the Army of the Light, in time of war become seized by the general demonism (their mental health is disturbed).

Peace in us and peace around us are precondition for our health and progress. In time in which the whole planet Earth has become a global village, war in any area of the planet reflects itself to all residents of our planet. Exactly that our connection, on the spiritual plan, makes us the army in the spiritual sense of that word. The army represents an organized structure with a big interaction between its parts and the whole. So, the word army should be comprehended in a figurative and spiritual sense, and in no way in some military, sectarian or digressed sense. Every fanaticism on the spiritual plan leads to illness and war. A wise man does not run away from people, does not cause them evil, but he includes himself creatively in life and with his light example illuminates the way to others. So, a normal, healthy, moderate life, which does not demand from people big sacrifices, is the best way of human progress.