One of the basic teachings of the Parallel Knowledge has several official terms and we will list them all here: Science about the Great Forces, Science about the Beautiful, OKDG, The Teaching of Great Forces, The Order of Great Forces and Their Qualities. Any of these terms is accurate. The fact that is here of crucial importance for us is that here we are talking about the most complete teaching among the teachings, because all basic original texts of the teaching are preserved, starting from the object of the research to the way of organizing the order.

In the last decades of the 20th century the whole text of the teaching has been translated from the language of the Parallel Knowledge and it is as such very understandable, clear and we could say with its refinement, precision and sublime tone comes in line/group of the most beautiful spiritual texts we have ever read. Poeticism, beauty and wisdom of texts OKDG surpasses everything we have ever read that relates to spirituality.