Having in mind non‐violence and tolerance of teaching of the Army of the Light, it is completely normal that this teaching accepts all beings, all people as members of general brotherhood. By that, we should not understand the word brotherhood as some organization, group or any kind of order of followers. The term brotherhood is used to show the mutual connection of all beings, all living and mineral‐inanimate appearances both on our planet and in universe in general. That kind of connection is known within the Parallel Knowledge, through one of the elements ‐ the quality of the power of fire (everything that exists is made of four power‐elements: air, fire, water and soil) that is called: interdependence.

That idea about the general brotherhood has been later taken by some current religions (Christianity, for example, where all people are seen as brothers and sisters, however, the similar idea appears also in other official religions).

On the other side, comprehending everything that exists as general brotherhood gives to meditation, which we have already described, a completely special mission. Namely, practicing meditation enables progress, health, the success to the practitioner, but that, at the same time, enables also to general brotherhood (everything that exists) the same favors. Such comprehending of efficiency of meditation is not anything new, it can be found in other spiritual ways (Hinduism, for example). That does not have to mean that the Army of the Light has accepted some elements of other teachings. Namely, that kind of relation towards the efficiency of meditation is a characteristic of the Parallel Knowledge in general. Finally, the real roots for that we can search in the inscription on the Apollo's temple in Delphi (Get to know yourself and you will get to know the whole world).