When we talk about The Book of Movement then this movement or order should not be confused with the old Asian Book of Changes (I Ching). The original term for this order is HARIM. However, because it is difficult for the letter H to appear as the first in a row in the ideogram alphabet of the Parallel Knowledge, so in some variations the following names also appear for this teaching: M HARIM, AM HARIM and the others. Exactly because the alphabet is so specific, it seems to us that the most correct name of this teaching would be: A M HARIM. In that case, the letter M could denote a book; Harim could denote a movement that is in jurisdiction of the letter A. In that sense the teaching would be (in a very free interpretation): a book about the Great Law of Movement. Considering the fact that the Great Law of Movement could be found in all teachings within the Parallel Knowledge, this name seems logical and quite accurate.

The Book of Movement consists of four parts, only the first part is transmitted in writing and exclusively within the order of the devoted, while the remaining three parts are transmitted orally from teacher to student. We have had an opportunity to see several written versions of the first part of the Book and we have almost all known versions in our file. We also own an official version, the one that is considered to be the right one by the followers of this order. It is, of course, important for the correct understanding of this spiritual movement. But, according to the texts present in the Book, just owning them can cause phenomena and we cannot search for their causes within the rational interpretation, but only within the Teaching. Namely, according to the reliable reports that are at our disposal, the mere owning and reading of the Book of Movement causes phenomena that are in normal circumstances called paranormal; levitation of objects in space, seeing of beings that are out of the sphere of the earthly or human and similar phenomena. Not going here into that whether the seeing of these phenomena is the matter of subjective prejudice, or some other objective reality, we have been present to several experiments. In several experiments, in different countries and under the different occasions, the book was given to people of different educational and cultural milieu. In some 5% of cases we have had a report about the appearance of paranormal sensations. We should add that people were not told that the owning of the Book could cause such phenomena.

The Book teaches its followers about the protocol how they could connect this our visible‐material world, how to refine their senses to the levels of perceiving the invisible‐ spiritual world and to connect their activities; actually the Book teaches us how we can induce higher (sublime‐divine) levels to influence and change the lower (earthly‐human) level. The Book also teaches us which are the higher levels, on which appropriate lower levels they have influence and how and why do they do it.

In the center of the teaching is the man, actually how the human spiritual and material status can be advanced.