I may not say anything new or spectacular on this subject, this post could rather be more like reminder then revelation. For myself, you and anybody else who would read it.

I have heard quite few times how people get so dedicated to spiritual development that they completely forget about the very important thing – their body.

Throughout the human history there had been (and still are) different teachings with different approach to this subject – a human body. Some of them have things in common, whilst some of them are so different that you may have an impression they are talking about two different things. Since we are gathered here around the Parallel Knowledge, we are going to observe this subject from the perspective of the Teachings of the Fire and Parallel Knowledge in general, regardless what other teachings' approach is but with all due respect towards them.

When you think of your body, what is the first thing crossing your mind? Is it Beauty? Eros? Health? Or a pleasure like food and drink? Or perhaps you don't think about your body that much or at all...?

Let's make it simple - imagine your body as a transport vehicle, just for one use and you should get in one go as far as you can and tell me – would you be damaging that vehicle? Or you would do your best and take care of it so it serves you well and takes you as far as possible? Or as far as you want?

According to the Teachings of the Fire, a body we are living in is a gift that Being has been given by Spirit and as such should be treated with the highest respect, the same way we treat a temple (for example but more in a metaphorical way, regardless what religion you may belong to). Since our body is a gift from the Spirit, it is immortal, but we are the one who is shortening its life by mistreating it and making it mortal. However, there is always space and time for improvement.

Health, together with self-development and defence, is one of three basic principles of the Teachings of the Fire and as such it is fundamental for our development in any possible way. There is no proper progress if any of the principles mentioned above is missing in our action. When our body is healthy, our Soul and Being are free to take more action on the path of self-development and at the same time always ready to defend themselves if/when necessary.

And if you would like to find out more about true love, just think of your body and you will see how much it loves you. It obeys you no matter what your request is, even though, sometimes we won't treat it properly, but it will never say no to you. What would happen if we give back love we receive from our body?

Centuries ago a body has been marked as sinful, particularly on the field of Eros and as such has been mistreated and neglected. Different teachings and religions have been trying to divide our real nature from the body and Spirit in general, which didn't bring much progress. Those, I dare to say dark times are behind and fortunately there is a growing trend of healthy living lifestyle which should bring more joy and progress to each of us if we decide to accept that approach. Therefore, embrace your body with the same love body loves you, sleep enough, eat well, practice, keep it in good shape and your body will always surprise you. It will always give you more.

And if you would like to find out more what kind of activities or what lifestyle suits you best according to the Teachings of the Fire, contact your or nearest Teacher of the Fire and seek for an advice. I am sure they would be happy to assist you and tell you more what activities and lifestyle are the closest to your true nature and destiny based on the Teachings of the Fire and your Qualities.

What else our goal could be then living our life according to our true nature in harmony with our body, Soul, Being and Supreme Principle.