Close your eyes. Put your hand onto your heart. Feel it. Feel the beats of your heart. Feel love, friendship, appreciation... Feel connection with your heart.

Keep your eyes closed and think of your dreams. Those which you've had as a child, teenager, student, mature person... Think of those dreams you still have and you still dream about.

Now... open your eyes and look around you – are you still in your dream or your reality is different? How different?

We all have our dreams but not all of us live it and make them come true. Usually we grow up being taught what we should do trying to blend in into society, family, tradition, religion... while life is passing by.

I've spent quite a few years practising the Dance of the Fire and different meditations from the Teachings of the Fire which is, when I look back now, a lot of work and valuable experience. I can say that is the time I've literally spent with myself. Once you start diving into yourself and depths of your being, it turns into an endless journey. With every new answer, a new question would be born, and curious by nature, I couldn't stop looking for more. And what did I discover?

Distance between me and my dreams... Difference between what I think I am, and what I may be.

Our hidden potentials and talents are usually suppressed by a daily stress and different fears and as such we don't have time (a good excuse, isn't it?) to spend with ourselves investigating our real nature. Perhaps you may all experienced period of your life (it is usually during the childhood or teenage period) when you still had enough time and felt free to express yourselves in various creative activities such as writing, singing, painting, or achieving extraordinary sport results, organising events etc. with great success. Unless we were brave and determined enough to explore our talents, with years to follow they would fade and we would start living a life utterly shaped by demands of the society or the family, rather than by our talents, passion, desire... instead of doing our best to live a life according to our real nature.


Have you ever heard for a saying 'it would be good to meditate every day at least once for a half an hour... but if you are too busy, then you should meditate one hour'? This was often crossing my mind when I was looking for an excuse not to practice my meditations or do anything else which would require a part of my 'busy day'.

I will confess here, in the beginning, when I started meditating, sometimes I had to push myself into meditation in a way that it was always easy to find an excuse saying I am too busy and I don't have time now, today, tomorrow... But as time was passing by and I started noticing benefits of my spiritual activities on daily basis, meditation, Dance of the Fire, reading, writing etc. slowly started shaping my life into different form, closer to my real nature and they (meditations etc.) became a daily need. Became a part of me and what I am.

And writing this post is also part of my true nature I've been neglecting for many years and decided to bring back to life.

Would you share with me how big the distance between you and your dreams is?

Next week: Our Sacred body