I may not say anything new or spectacular on this subject, this post could rather be more like reminder then revelation. For myself, you and anybody else who would read it.

I have heard quite few times how people get so dedicated to spiritual development that they completely forget about the very important thing – their body.

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Close your eyes. Put your hand onto your heart. Feel it. Feel the beats of your heart. Feel love, friendship, appreciation... Feel connection with your heart.

Keep your eyes closed and think of your dreams. Those which you've had as a child, teenager, student, mature person... Think of those dreams you still have and you still dream about.

Now... open your eyes and look around you – are you still in your dream or your reality is different? How different?

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Spending the most of our time being over-connected to the outside world, our attention seems to be focused on numerous events, linked to each other, taking us to the journey without awareness of our position in that world. We are living in very busy era where life has turned into 'a rush hour' and most likely it won't change soon. It looks like there is not much we can do about it and I do not sound very optimistic at all, do I?

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You hear your alarm clock and your body starts to move. But your mind is still sleeping and there might be a chance it will never wake up.

You brush your teeth, have a quick coffee and if there is a time, you'll have quick breakfast. Leave the house and run into daily routine. And don't forget to check your emails before you get to work. And your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook again to check is there any comment on your morning status, than Twitter again... oh, there is a comment, need to reply but – you already got to work.

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