According to Parallel Knowledge a new year starts today. The message in general for this year is to pay attention on a long-term decisions for your future lives. It is important to make these key decisions in a composed, calm and quiet manner, without any negative thoughts and/or consequences towards other people.

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We should say at the outset that the Teachings of the Fire are neither religious nor atheistic. Their relationship to religion is as follows: "People, your problem is not whether or not there exist any Gods. There do exists Gods, of course, a number of them, whether you like it or not. Your problem is how to reduce the bad in you, and increase the good".

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The ceremony of having tea is famous in some nations (particularly in Japan). Our ancestors had ceremony of mixing herbs in tea mixtures. We provide people who faithfully follow this tradition, and who are physically, mentally and spiritually prepared and skilled to perform these ceremonies in the traditional way. The ancients believed that this very ceremony provides physical, mental and spiritual effects of these teas to consumers and can improve the quality of life of the consumers.

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'Age of information = Age of disconnection' is a series of articles written by Svetislav Savic, Teacher of the Fire living currently in UK. This series represent his view on the position of man in today's busy information era and possible ways of staying connected with ourselves and finding the path to our true selves.